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ExcelFIX a Cimaware Software product

Why ExcelFIX?

Why ExcelFIX

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ExcelFIX has helped thousands of people recover their essential Excel files. These are some of the thank you notes we have received from our customers:

"I admit it. I tried other programs (and actually bought one) before I saw your web. It's a shame I wasted my time with them. Thanks to your program and your great customer service I now have my files back. what can I say ... thank you, really"

"Thanks for all suggestions. We tried different computers, platforms, programs, names, Data Recovery Labs etc. Nothing would open the corrupted file. Purchased ExcelFIX and quickly restored the files :)"

"Thank you very much for your kind assistance. It is good to know that although we are thousands of miles apart, one can still rely on real human beings in desperate times! Greetings from Johannesburg! "

"Thank you ever so much for restoring these corrupted files. I am extremely grateful. You have ''saved my bacon'' "

"Dear support, thank you so much for your very quick response to my e-mail. I appreciate your customer service!"

"Thank you so much for your assistance! Problem solved and I am much happier. Until the next time Excel does this to me! Hopefully I will be better prepared with the help of your program. Thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday Season!"

"Thank you very much, it is a great product and got us out of a hole."

"My name is ------- and I just this morning purchased your product. It has performed a small miracle in my opinion and for that I am very grateful."

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