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Release History


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Version 3.3Y
:: Problem corrected where texts that included quotation marks were saved incorrectly or not saved..

Version 3.3W
Enhancements in the recovery engine.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.3V
Error corrected in which the "lost string" feature did not work correctly if activated with an OfficeFIX registration.
Saving as CSV now uses ";" instead of "," as a separation between fields.

Version 3.3U
Small improvements have been performed.
Fixed error displaying summary information in small files.

Version 3.3T
Fixed "General Protection Failure" error  during the diagnosis of certain files using  the "OLE Stream" option. Fixed the error that occurred when a formula contains in some of their text arguments a bracket character inside (e.g. "text with the ( character" ).

Version 3.3S
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.3R
:: Small improvements have been performed. Fixed "Cluster out of file" error.

Version 3.3Q
:: The worksheet viewer has been enhanced, with increased speed even in larger sheets. Small glitch with button icons appearing distorted when using older operating systems and certain graphic adapters has been corrected.

Version 3.3P
:: Created a new OLE file structure decoder that replaces the previous one.The principal benefit is that files that were recovered with "lost strings" texts are now recovered directly without the need of manual modifications by the user.In other cases the cell distribution in the different sheets is optimized.

Version 3.3N
:: Fixed registry access error message that occurred when a Windows NT/2000 user with not enough access rights tries to change the language settings.

Version 3.3M
:: New multi-language option. ExcelFIX has been translated into Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Version 3.3L
:: The functions that detect the continuity of the recovered data have been improved. As a result in some cases where files were divided into many small pieces this no longer happens.

Version 3.3K
:: Small improvements have been performed in the system.

Version 3.3J
:: Improvements in the formula coding subroutines of the "save file" function. The saving order of same precedence operators differed from the one used in Excel. This produced an error in the results of some formulas.

Version 3.3i
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.3H
:: The demo version now shows a larger number of cells: 600 cells per file or 150 cells per sheet, for a better evaluation of the recovery process.

Version 3.3G
:: New option included that allows to save the recovered file in several CSV text files.
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.3F
:: Corrected a problem counting formulas.
:: Now ExcelFIX can diagnose files in OLE mode where the OLE structure is partially damaged. This allows for the recovery of sheet names in more corruption cases.

Version 3.3E
:: Fixed the error where cells containing links to other sheets in the same document with a name beginning with a number or with special characters, such as "-" were not saved.

Version 3.3D
:: Fixed error where cells containing percentages were saved as empty. Example: "=A14*%15".

Version 3.3C
:: A new save option included, allows saving some of the sheets instead of all.
:: A measure error in the formula counter of the main window was fixed.
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.3B
:: An error regarding the interpretation of certain integer positive numbers has been corrected.
:: An error created when saving certain number formats has been corrected.
:: A maximum column width limit when saving a file has been eliminated.
:: The error which did not allow saving formulas with #REF! invalid references has been corrected.

Version 3.3A
:: In files so corrupt that no cells are found, the error "Access violation" appeared when the "workbook viewer" was started. This problem has been corrected.

Version 3.39
:: Fixed the bug which did not allow saving cells containing the formula "OFFSET" with 5 parameters.
:: Fixed the bug that saved incorrectly the references to rows higher than 16384.
:: Fixed problem in "Lost String" operation when a sheet in the "workbook viewer" doesn't begin in row 1.

Version 3.38
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.37
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.36
:: Empty cells now are not recovered unless the user indicates it, to save time up to 80% in the diagnosis process for some extremely large files.
:: The cancel button response has been improved to avoid status misinterpretation of the diagnosis during long recovery processes.
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.35
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.34
:: The problem recuperating the formulas with references to other sheets in some Excel 97 and 2000 files has been solved. Before the references sometimes would appear exchanged.
:: Now it is possible to recover the references to other sheets including documents with damaged OLE structure.
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.33
:: Memory cache added and program functions are optimized. As a result excelfix is more than 10 times faster in its diagnosis.
:: Solved glitch when saving formulas with links to sheets which names have spaces.

Version 3.32
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.31
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.3
:: Now formats are recovered. ExcelFIX recovers column widths, row heights, fonts, borders, colors, and number formats. The workviewer always shows formats but a PRO license is required to save formats in the reconstructed file.

Version 3.2
:: Lost string corruption recovery is included. Only available for PRO license users.
:: Workbook viewer is enhanced. Now column width and sheet active cell are saved when changing active sheets and other small details.

Version 3.12
:: Diagnosis works faster with large files.

Version 3.11
:: Fixed "duplicated sheet name" error.

Version 3.1
:: This release recognizes the OLE compound file structure which allows the recovery of sheet names, formula sheet references and a reconstruction of the original structure of the file. A new "Diagnosis" window has been added.
:: New "Lost string" counter.
:: Fixed "Invalid variant type conversion" error while the file is being saved.
:: Fixed "List index out of bounds" error while the file is being diagnosed.
:: Fixed "String grid index out of bounds" error while a sheet is being viewed.
:: Fixed "List index out of bounds" case 2 error while the file is being diagnosed.
:: Small improvements have been performed.

Version 3.02
:: Fixed "String length more than 255 bytes" error while the file is being saved.

Version 3.01
:: Fixed "List index out of bounds" error while the file is being diagnosed.

Version 3.0
:: DRUME has been changed to ExcelFIX.
:: CellTracker, a completely new recovery engine replaces the old one. This new advanced recovery engine recovers all possible lost data.
:: ExcelFIX performs with greater stability, reliability and lack of execution errors.
:: Files with "damaged OLE container" are now recovered.
:: The execution of the program is now smoother and Small improvements have been performed.

Version 2.2
:: The recovery engine is improved. Now DRUME recovers up to 35% more data.
:: A configuration window is included. Now DRUME can recover the formulas itself or the last saved calculated value.

Version 2.1
:: The number of cells shown in the demo version is doubled.

Version 2.0
:: DRUME 2.0 is launched.

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