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Cimaware Software is the Software Division of Cimadevilla Electronica. Cimadevilla Electronica is a company specialized in electronic engineering, especially in the development of micro-controlled systems. We offer full solutions including hardware, firmware for RISC microprocessors, and PC software.

Cimaware Software is formed as an independent branch providing Software solutions. ExcelFIX is the first commercial utility to come out of our labs. As a recovery tool for corrupt Microsoft® Excel files ExcelFIX has proven to be the best in the market. The enormous success of ExcelFIX has inspired us to create other Software solutions for every day computer users.

Cimadevilla Electronica

Cimadevilla Electronica is formed by a group of engineers specialized in various branches of the Electronic Engineering field, specialized in the development of Micro-controlled systems. We offer full solutions including hardware, firmware, and PC software.

We have proprietary technology and firmware already working for fast implementation in new projects in the following electronic areas: 
:: Microchip's RISC microprocessors (all families) for a high speed, low consumption and low cost developments.
:: Development of low power consumption and power saving systems for maximum autonomy.
:: Control and configuration through standard RS232 serial port and a Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 software for our microprocessor units.
:: Design and manufacturing of sensors following customer specifications.
:: Radio frequency data transmissions and remote device controls.
:: Real Time Clocks with automatic adjustable time basis.
:: 1-Wiretm systems for peripheral networks with long cable extensions and low power.
:: Graphic and alphanumeric display controls.
:: Conventional and GSM telephony data transmissions to the Internet or point to point connections solutions.

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